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In my previous life I used to sell software , that job involved a lot of traveling to clients offices all over the country .Thanks to that job I ended up visiting a lot of cities in India.While I liked the traveling and meeting new people part  of it . Keeping track of expense was a pain . I hated keeping track of expenses,stuffing  receipts into  pocket, purse,planner diaries and other places,scribbling un documented expense in spiral pocketbook and then sitting through the drill of reporting all that to folks in accounts dept back home and convincing them to reimburse them before I go broke ( I never liked them in fact as far as I know ,Nobody likes them). Being a Mobile enthusiast that I am ,I often thought of an app where I can maintain a list of expense occurred and export it to excel( our ERP demanded submission in excel).

Mr.Expense is nearest to my idea of a simple and functional expense tracker for your mobile phone. Developed by sonipat( Yes! you read it right, sonipat)  based Sinew Software Systems , Mr.Expense is a nifty app of just 110KB. Its supported for Nokia Series 60 3rd & 5th edition devices.Its a paid app You can download a paid version from OVI store (link) for 2 euro. A  7 day free trial version is available  at SINEW website . You can download it here. I installed trial version on my Nokia E63 . After a quick 2 step installation process and I was ready to use the app . 

Mr.Expense offers wide set of functionality arranged in a surprisingly  minimalistic user interface. It offers classification of common types of expenses like breakfast ,Biz dinner, Car Rental ,Flight ,Hotel Rent,Entertainment etc. you can also add your own expense type into the list.  for every expense entry you have choice to  enter your mode of payment like cash, check, Visa, Master card, American Express and can also record your expenses in different currencies. Mr.Expense offered you a good set of functionalities in creating reports on top of your expense data. you can segregate your business expenses from your personal expenses . export this information as Comma separated values (CSV) so that you can open them in excel.

What I like most about this app is its simplicity . This gives a feel that designer of the app has been out in field and used "Other" method of expense tracking and like me  and He/She too ,was frustrated by them . Some subtle features like multiple accounts , classification of expense as personal and business , having a separate entry for business lunch , report,support for CSV export shows a clear and precise domain understanding by app developer. As someone rightly said "Most good products in technology business are created by the guys who are trying to solve their own problem and addressing their own pain point" . Mr.Expense seems to be an example of that . Do give it a shot  and share your finding with us.


yogi said...

Check out

Its free!

Unknown said...

Wow tracking expenses via cellphone. It seems real fun. I really ike your post.
mobile money tracking

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