Hindu Calendar : A Vedic Calender for your cellphone.

Traditional wisdom in Telecom  industry is that Indian customer only pay for only four type of content and services Astrology ,Bollywood,Cricket & Devotion.Collectively referred as ABCD of Indian mobile VAS.Most of the time when we speak of ABCD in general and Astrology specifically  we think of it as an subscription services like Daily Horoscope alert on SMS. But relationship between Astrology and Mobile goes much deeper than that . A little known fact about Mobile apps in India is that one of the first application which got significant traction in India was an astrology app for panchang and horoscope matching.  it was way before the smart phone era .Long back in Late 80s and early 90s an application by Name of "Leo Palm" from Future Point was a de-facto tool for any Astrologer worth its name . It was initially developed for Palm devices and later on available for Windows Mobile devices too. Many practitioner of Panchang and Vedic astrology (and i know some of them )still swear by it. However in the current wave of mobile apps there I didn't come across many decent application on Vedic Astrology and panchang. So I was understandably excited when I discovered an Panchang App for 2010 in Ovi Store.

Developed by Adarsh Apps, Hindu Calender 2010 is your handy reckoner for Indian vedic calender. Just for € 1.00 you can download it from Ovi store (link),a free trial version can also be downloaded from their website (link). At 2.08 MB of file size it was hard for me to download it on GPRS so I installed the trial version on my Nokia N97 by side loading it from my PC. Installation was a smooth process of couple of steps.where you are asked to specify location and language preference.
This app has got a rich UI with high information density.All the menu options can either be in  between Hindi and English. Home screen is a regular calender view for vedic calendar. It maps Gregorian dates to corresponding Hindu dates. you can expand a particular date by expanding it by taping on block. Expanded view provides many information for each day like Sunrise and sunset,Moonrise,Paksha,Tithi,Nakshtra,Yoga,Sun Sign,Moon Sign etc . It also provides list of Hindu festivals including major events like Ekadashi, Shraddha, Eclipses, etc.  All timings in extended view are local to current location specified at the time of installation .The Daylight Saving Time (DST) is adjusted for all locations supported by App.You can also see festival view of month and week.In this view all the Hindu festival occurring in that particular week / month are listed.Panchang provided by Adarsh apps works  for more than 125 cities which include cities from other countries.This makes it an excellent value proposition for Indian diaspora around the world.I wasn't able to figure out a way to set an alert/alarm on panchang.This can be a good value add for the users.
Their website offers an extensive FAQ section covering various aspect of using the app.which shows a deep domain knowledge and focus on the part of developer .Like Mr.Expense,this too seems to be an app developed by someone who has been in the domain for sometime . On a slightly patriotic note I would like to say that sometime back an industry colleague made an remark that most of the apps in world are made by Indians but very few of them are made (exclusively ) FOR Indians. Hindu Calendar 2010 is one such app. Do give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Now Hindu Calendar 2010 is available for most Nokia smartphones including Nokia E-Series and N-Series. It can be downloaded free of cost from Ovi Store during promotional period.

Check your device on http://hinducal.blogspot.com/ which also provides direct link for free download from Ovi Store.

Unknown said...

Indian Astrology or Hindu astrology is undergoing an amazing renaissance now. Not only in India, but also here in the West, new discoveries are being made and much research is being done into the ancient science of light. In fact, one could say that Western, Indian or Hindu astrology is just as alive and vibrant as the Indian astrology coming from the mother land..

indian astrology said...

In Western countries, it is called Vedic astrology, which refers to Indian Astrology or Hindu astrology.

Indian Astrology said...

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Indian astrology said...

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Anonymous said...

I like your way of mentioning date wise calender.We always be attentive in testing the dates of good timing.


android programming said...

It's a bit unusual to see apps for Indian calendar but if someone creates them then it means that people need it.

Riya Mishra said...

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