FlyScreen : Zero Click Content Access on Your Mobilephone

Lately I am noticing that thanks to some cool content apps  my cellphone has replaced PC as my primary medium of content consumption online. But this shift of medium also comes with a subtle but important shift in my content consumption habit . Earlier I used to devote a fix time ( 2 hours post dinner ) to catch up on my reading list in feed reader. Its not that I didn't have time during the day or something but in most cases window of free time  available was very short, not enough to fire up a browser , load the feed ,read a post and all. Doing same on mobile phone is slightly more difficult . So I always wanted to have a cellphone based feed reader of sort where first I can read snippets of my RSS feeds and if I like the preview,go to the full text . My fave metaphors to explain this usage behavior is of content snacking . On mobile phone, user love to snack on content in his/her free time and very rarely he/she choose to have a full fledged four course meal( ie read the complete post and accompanying discussion) . But most of the mobile RSS application were merely a port /optimization of desktop web experience on cellphone  without taking any advantage of cellphones capabilities.
Flyscreen is different.Its a RSS reader application with an interesting twist .It enables you to have zero click access to your news feeds by idle/sleep screen utilization. what it means in plain English is that it keep syncing the content in background and displays the snippet of your RSS feed content when your cellphone is in idle mode . so you can have a look at latest update from your face feed just by glancing at the screen. This is a very elegant use of most prominent and most underutilized onscreen real estate of your mobile phone.
Developed by celllogic , Flyscreen is a free app supported for majority of Nokia devices .It can be downloaded from Ovi store (link)  or side loaded using a PC from celllogic website (link)  you can get it directly on your cell by pointing your mobile browser to: . I downloaded it on my Nokia E63 and N95 . Installation file was of 225 KB in size and it took me couple of minute to download them over a GPRS channel. Installation work flow was glitch free and intuitive .you need to go through a registration process after installing the app . which is followed by configuration of the feeds of your choice .Here you can choose the pre-selected sources or add custom RSS feeds that you set on your own.There are 8 categories of content to choose from . You can set up a maximum of  10 different Feeds.You can integrate your Twitter account, and Google Reader with the app. Flyscreen allow you to define the frequency of sync(i.e. : how often application should fetch new content . once the configuration is done , flyscreen stay in background and display feeds on sleep screen of your device . its like having a full screen news ticker on your cellphone. If you like a specific news snippet you can expand it , see the complete story in browser and share it with your friends vial email ,facebook ,Twitter etc.

What I like about Flyscreen is its excellent user interface and sleek intuitive  work flow. Much of the technical complexity of fetching and optimizing the content for mobile screen is hidden from user and best part is that this usability hasn't been achieved at the cost of speed . I found Flyscreen to be faster than most of the other app in its category. This is by far the best use of sleep screen I came across. so if you think that you are hard pressed for time to catch up on your reading list and (like me ) you want to squeeze some hassle free reading  in to your lunch hours than Flyscreen is just the right app for you. do give it a try I am sure it will help you to be on top of all the news.


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