Comics Creator : Now Everyone Can Create Their Own Mobile Comics .

Most of the times When we think of Multimedia capability of mobile phones we think of things like Audio and video playback.But there is more to cellphone than just that. One underutilized set of capabilities is the capability to render image and text . this combination of text and Image to narrate a story is very captivating . As children we all were hooked to comic books like TinTin, Archies,Nagraj,Dhruv etc.which used to tell great stories  through picture and text .With everything moving to digital  there is no reason why we shouldn't see the same for comics and this shift is happening as we speak .

Being a mobile app professional I was aware of the fact that Mobile phone is being used as a distribution channel for Comics. But there is more to it than just distribution . some innovative mobile applications are trying to leverage mobile to bring a fundamental change  not only in the way comics are distributed and consumed but also in how they are created. Comics Creator from Chennai based NextWave Mutlimedia is one such application.

Comics Creator is a tool to help you create your own comic strips .It is a mobile version of a web app available at comicshead . some features of app has been modified to better leverage the mobile environment .you can create comics by using your own imagery and artwork or with the help of pre bundled characters. currently this app is supported for Nokia Series 60 5th edition phones .you can download it free of cost from Ovi store (link). with 6.28 MB of file size it was a bit hard for me to download it on my Nokia X6 using GPRS. so after two failed attempt , I switched to Wi-Fi and downloaded it in a snap. Installation was a no brainier 2 step process.

Comics Creator offers you an assorted set of tool to help you create your comic strip. there are tools, like an gallery of characters which can be modified to fit the need of story. user can also upload her own artwork . You can also customize the gesture ,color,size,background, Add and edit text ,share your comic strip with your friends via MMS or email etc . You can add text bubble to denote the conversation.You can have multiple frame in same comics strip and these frame can inherit background or characters from previous frame to new frame .There by reducing the  effort needed to duplicate the scene from frame to frame. I created couple of comics strip using it and process was intuitive and fun. you can see one of them below . This is inspired from a recent series of blog post on Ovi blog.

What excite me about this app is the fact that it enable  masses to create comic strip . with a tool like this anyone with a story in his head can create a  story board.something which was earlier limited to few who were artistically blessed. fact that it allows you to do this on a mobile phone only increases its reach and scope . they also have a marketplace online where you can publish your comics and put it up for subscription.  it is effectively  democratizing the complete value chain end to end . if executed well this can be a very disruptive idea. As I write this I have created six comic strips using this tool and told two of my folks about it.So it goes without saying that I am pretty jumpy about it (there I said it ) . Check this out and I am sure that you will feel the same way about it. If you create a comic I request you to share it with us . lets hear your story :) .


Anonymous said...

Yha. Now i can create my own comic

Anonymous said...

great stuff

Anonymous said...

is it your own software?

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Fantastic stuff. How you got it? Now I am ready to create my own comic.

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