Gsync : Sync Your SMS Messages With Your GMail

I don't like Information silo. I believe that as a user I should be able to pick any information available with me and should be able to transmit it over any medium I want . So my cellphone data should be shareable over Internet and my Internet data should be shared to cellphone network . on an application level  what it means is that if you have an information as text message  you should be able to email it your friend  and if you have some interesting email you should be able to forward it to your phone book contacts . Although its technically possible but process of doing so is very complicated . Ergo information silo prevails . For me personally biggest of all silos was the silo between my SMS Inbox and email Inbox . I want all my inbox to be unified . Moving information from SMS to Email Inbox is a pain .

Gsync from Psiloc systems addresses that need precisely and do it in a smooth elegant manner. Its a nifty app of 300KB which can be bought from Psiloc website . As of now its supported only for Series 60 3rd edition devices . Though its a paid app but Psiloc provides a 7 days free trial. Trial version can be downloaded from this page. I downloaded it on my PC and side loaded the app on my Nokia E63. Installation was a smooth 3 step process and I was ready to go. After installation user needs to provide its Gmail credentials so that application can authenticate itself . After authentication user need to configure the sync setting . Here user can decide what to sync( Inbox /Draft /Sent) , when to sync (frequency , Roaming ,Network preference ) etc . Once these settings are done you just need to go to the GSync home page and choose synchronize option . It will start pushing your SMS messages to Gmail . 
After Syncing ,your SMS/MMS messages start to appear as e-mails in your Gmail Inboxes . they are labeled as SMS/MMS. Messages and are arranged in a conversational thread format, very much like what you see for regular email messages in Gmail. Once these messages are inside Gmail you can pretty much perform any regular Gmail operation on them . Things like editing ,saving to draft or forwarding  them to your Email contacts etc . Gmail allows you to sync only 200 messages per twenty four hours so If you go over the limit of 200, you will have to wait 24 hours to be able to sync new messages. this might pose a little delay in complete sync first time around . it happened to me I had 600 ODD Messages in my SMS in box and I plan to sync them over next couple of  days.

I like the idea  behind GSync its addressing a very real need and simplicity of its implementation is very impressive too. User interface of Gsync is very menu driven with very little need of explicit user input. only constraint was that they only support Gmail but I hope that going forward they will be extending the functionality of product by adding support for more email service providers. Do try it out and let me know what you think of it .


Anonymous said...

Hey Prashant,

nice App. Thnx for sharing. Just wanted to check....does the reverse synce also happen? I mean can you send your mails as SMSes?

Anonymous said...

Dont dosnt work

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