Ovi App Wizard : Let A Thousand Application Bloom .

One of the most underdeveloped component of mobile software stack is  mobile browser. While last few year has seen immense growth in the hardware capability of device and user experience in mobile applications. But things still remains less than perfect on mobile browsers front. In addition to browser capability  there is a problem of  Majority of the web pages on internet not being optimized for rendering on mobile devices. That’s why most of the leading blogs and other websites  have their content available via  Applications  on various app stores. Mobile App is an efficient, elegant way of ensuring that Good content is delivered to user with great user experience. But creating a Mobile app is a complicated and expensive proposition .Very few publishers have resources and bandwidth to developed an app for their publication. It's next to impossible for non techie users ;for instance there is no way in hell that the lady next door to my apartment ,who publish a culinary blog for documenting her recipes, will ever think of doing that. To mobile optimize  the internet content in any significant manner we need an easy to use, rapid application development (RAD) tool which enables anyone to create an application. Ovi App Wizard from Nokia is an attempt in that direction.  

The Ovi App Wizard allows you to mobilize content with just a few clicks in just a few minutes. RSS and Atom feeds for blogs, YouTube, Twitter and news are formatted into a WRT or Java application for your Nokia device. These apps work on most of the device that supports Ovi Store. The whole process of creating application is simple, fast and intuitive. You can start by simply pointing your desktop browser to http://oviappwizard.com. You need to register yourself to publish the application .you get an OVI Store Publisher account on submitting your app through App Wizard. Registration is simple, you need to enter few details and it sends you a confirmation email immediately. You can immediately start working on your app. All you need to do is to provide RSS feed /web URL of the site for which you want to create application. On the right hand side of page there is an emulator which shows a preview of how your content will be rendered in final application. You can also add extra feeds from your Twitter, facebook and YouTube account to it. You need to press "Next" button to proceed further. It shows a pop up dialogue box with legal disclaimers and content publishing guideline. It essentially says that you are rightful owner of content you are publishing and it doesn’t contain any offensive, pornographic material.

In next step you can customize the look and feel of your app by choosing a logo and changing color scheme of your app.In subsequent step Ovi Wizard offer you a choice to monetize your app by adding advertisement to it. Right now this choice is limited to two ad networks Millennial Media or MPressions .you can choose to opt out of it. It’s entirely at your discretion.

In the final stage of the process you need to provide little description of your application, which will appear on Ovi download page of your app. You also need to choose a category under which your app will be listed. You can limit the distribution to a certain geographical user base by choosing an option from target market. You can choose any price point from Free to up to EURO 5 per download. Press submit button and your app is submitted to Ovi store for review and approval. Depending upon the number of submitted apps, it might take anywhere between 24 Hrs to a week in getting necessary clearance from Ovi .After that your app will be available for download via Ovi store.

Ovi Wizard is a commendable effort by Nokia to bring mobile publishing to masses and bring mainstream acceptance to Mobile application. If executed well it holds the potential of creating a huge amount of Mobile optimize content. If I have created an app for Lab Report, its awaiting approval right now, I will inform you when it’s available for you to download. Keep watching this space. Do try OviWizard and let me know your thoughts about it.


TheRohan said...

Hey guys,

I am a mobile developer and received an email from Forum Nokia, inviting for a workshop to learn how to create Widgets and more about QT.

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If anyone can share their experiences or thoughts in the same regards?

The link to their website that I received in the email was: http://www.codeofpartnership.com/agenda.html

Thanks in advance..

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