Nokia Conversations : Threaded View for your SMS Inbox .

Nokia Beta Labs never fail to impress me . While Ovi gets all the attention and Media love for being a destination for cool applications for Nokia devices. some serious R&D work is being done in Nokia's Beta lab . I have been following the releases on Nokia's Beta lab for quiet sometime now . Some of them are cool, sophisticated and yet Easy to use . All most all of them deal with a basic and HUGE use case . Sometime back I had reviewed one of the Nokia beta lab product " Nokia Bots" on Lab Report . I wasn't expecting  to return to writing about another beta labs product so soon ( since they are in BETA and not quiet ready for end customers yet ) but I am glad to make an exception for Nokia Conversation App.

Nokia Conversation is a simple , ease to use ,No fuss app which allow you to arrange your text messages as a threaded conversations.SMS Inbox in most phone sort messages in a reverse chronological manner. this default arrangement is good when you need to check the latest message . but  Anyone who has got more than 100 sms in his inbox will tell you that how difficult it is to actually find an old SMS and make sense of SMS conversation happened in past.

You can download the application from Beta Lab website (registration needed) . file size is 123 KB and you need to side load it on to your device , using your PC . I Installed it on my Nokia E63 .Installation was smooth.Nokia Conversation doesn't replace your default SMS inbox UI. What it do is simply to provide a diff rent view of it ,When you need it.  on launching the application there is only a single screen where messages are grouped in threaded format according to sender-receiver . you can choose to expand any of these threads by clicking on them. you can also reply and carry on the conversation right form the application you don't need to launch a separate can also add different media like Picture, Video , Audio to your message by clicking on the "Option " menu.  The application shortcut also appear in your device as a new tab in your Contacts application. You can also set the application to be a short-cut key (e.g., left-soft-key or right-soft-key) or standby application icon in the Settings menu option in your terminal.

I wanted to retrieve an old SMS Conversation today , frustrated by the difficulty of finding it from the sea of 500 SMS. I googled for such apps and finally hit upon Nokia Conversation . My instinctive reaction after using the app was To use an analogy from inter web . to quote verbatim " Nokia Conversion transform  your Inbox from a outlook/hotmail like look to  a Gmail like look." and we all love Gmail don't we ?

Do try this out and let me know your thought ?


ankur jain said...

Nothing new about it .Comes preloaded on my Sony Ericsson W995.

narayan said...

how to download this ????

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