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 Some time back I made a post  on Lab Report discussing the need of innovation in those category of mobile application where market is already evolved and crowded . Usually start up avoid such crowded space unless they have something extraordinary feature set to differentiate their offering from the clutter . Its not an easy task but its a worthy goal nevertheless. For with evolved category comes a validation of customer need , pre existing user awareness, distribution Chanel and willingness to pay for the service offered. When it comes to Mobile Apps this phenomena is most visible in the category of SPAM Manager & call manager application.  Heated discussion on my post about XBlockr is a testimony of that . Today I am going to tell you about one more Indian application in this domain : Mobile Watchman .

Developed by Pune based Optinno Mobitech, Mobile Watchmen is an App that blocks calls and SMS as per user's  settings. This application runs in the background so that regular mobile phone tasks are not affected.Mobi Watchman uses a proprietary algorithmic logic to intelligently sense the spam. user can also define the parameter with in which this algorithm works .

You can download the application from the download page of their website .It cost Rs 199  only . There is no try and buy functionality available as of now .To buy this app you can pay by online using your cerdit /debit card. On realization of payment they send you a product key  via email.  You also need to provide IMEI number of your device. The installation file your get is linked to your handset's IMEI number. I downloaded the installation file on my PC . It was of 523 KB in size . I side loaded it on my Nokia E63 . Installation was a smooth 3 step process . After installation it asks me to punch in the product key.after that you are ready to roll.

Mobi Watchman allow approach the problem of spamming in two ways . SMS Spam and Call Spam .If you receive an SMS from a number not stored in your mobile phone book or from a sender not mentioned in your ‘Trusted SMS Sender’ list, you will see a ‘Suspicious Message’ pop up. Just by pressing ‘OK’, you can directly add the sender in SMS block list. Note that you can see a preview of the SMS content. So without opening the SMS, you can decide to block the sender from the pop up itself.

You have functionality like Trusted SMS sender's list where you can provide the detail of all those number who are not spammers. When you receive an SMS from a number not stored in your mobile phonebook or from a sender not mentioned in your ‘Trusted SMS Sender’ list, you will see a ‘Suspicious Message’ pop up. Just by pressing ‘OK’, you can directly add the sender in SMS block list.

You can block messages using keyword based filtering too . For instance I hate receiving promotional messages from Real Estate developers( Not enough money :( ). so I can block any SMS which is coming from a unknown number and has got keywords like "FLAT" ,"3 BHK", "Noida" in it .I have configured 5 such filters on it since yesterday . This was the kind of  granular control I was always looking for .

You have similar control for phone calls too .If you receive a call from a number not stored in your mobile phonebook, you will see a ‘Suspicious Call’ pop-up at the end of the call. Just by pressing ‘OK’, you can directly add the number in the Call block list.

You can block them by defining policy for unknown fixed line number,unknown cell number etc . Mobi Watchmen also offer an Seamless Integration with phonebook, call logs, SMS inbox. so that you don't have to manually enter the number in block list.You can access the detail of block sms and calls later at your own convenience .They are stored in ‘Bin' folder and block call list respectively . A detailed list of the functionality is available on their website (link).

Mobi Watchmen is a  thoroughly  researched and elegantly  implemented mobile application . This is a quite an impressive achievement given the fact that its a version one of their application. I am sure their will be a lot of cool feature to be added in subsequent releases . Personally I find that they need to work on their sign up process.Their should be a provision for receiving your product key on SMS and installing your app direct on your device . I am sure these issues will be addressed in days to come as they collaborate with Ovi Store and other distribution medium.

Do try this out and let me know how you feel about it ?


Sagar Bedmutha said...

Yes Prashant. We will provide the option to download it directly on mobile using GPRS. You'll also see Mobiwatchma available on other third party app stores.

Inderpreet said...

Prashant I have been following your blogs for quite some time being a mobile developer. I like what you write but this time I differ to your review and observations. I tested this app on E71 X6 and N79 and I was disappointed. It doesn't work smooth and has many issues, forget about being it useful it is a pain to navigate. user interface is compromised to a greater extent guys need to rethink on it. users don't care for the price as long as it is worth paying for so I doubt 199 is going to help them when the app is not in a good shape.

Prashant Singh said...

Hi Inderpreet

I tried it on my E63 and it was working fine but given the state of fragmentation across device i will not be surprised if some functionality break down on some devices . Its a version one of the app ( Lab Report is first one to review it ) so some glitches will be there . I am sure Sagar would be more than happy to help you resolve this . drop a line to their support id i am sure they will help you out .

Sagar said...

@ Inderpreet,
can you please email the issues you faced? The app has been thoroughly tested and works absolutely smooth and fine.
Do drop a line on

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