Auto On : To Keep your Mobile App "Always On "

When it comes to Mobile Apps ,one problem faced by power users is the problem of abundance . As I write this,there are 70+ applications installed on my device . I don't use all of them with same frequency. Some are used daily , some once in a while and some I use strictly when need arises which can be anything from next minute to next year. But when you need to use them at that time finding the application from the stack of icon and launching it is a  pain. Say I am driving down the highway and feel like looking at my Ovi Map for direction or do a voice search using Google .But both these apps are not launched at that time .I need to do it manually. Ergo for a long time I was looking for a solution where I can choose which application to launch at the time of starting phone. some apps automatically launch them self.  My e-mail client from NMS have in-built mechanisms to launch themselves every time my device starts but for rest of the apps  I have to manually launch them. Auto -On from Gurgaon based Migital serves exactly the same need.

Auto On is supported for Symbian series60 3rd edition and 5th Edition touch devices. you can buy it from Ovi store or get a trial version from Migital Website . I downloaded the trial version and side loaded it on my Nokia E63 . Installation was smooth . When you install the app it automatically activates itself such that it will run when you boot your cellphone.If needed You can also deactivate it.

After installation you need to configure the detail of apps you want to include in Auto-On's self start list. This can be done by going to application icon on the home screen of Auto On . Initially you will see a blank list. You can populate this list by going to "option" menu and selecting "Add". this will show you a list of every app installed on your device. you can mark your preference by clicking on the icon of application which you want to include .I selected some 8-10 application for self start . Some of them are shown in screen shot below . I restarted my device and Bingo !! those apps were ready to use . Auto-On worked as advertised :) .

Its my second day of using auto on. Since I was greedy so I selected a lot of apps initially . which took a lot of cellphone memory and slowed it down. Going further I hope there will be a feature which can show me implication of selecting an app in terms of Memory consumption so that I choose only those apps which are essential to me . A similar feature for battery consumption ( things like Always-On GPS is a huge drain on battery ) would also be nice to have.One unique selling point of Auto On is its look and feel. their UI is too good for a utilitarian application which will most probably be used only by power users.Kudos to Migital team for such a nice job.

Do try it out and let me know your thoughts .


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