Mundu : Best IM App For Your Mobile Device

There are many way in which Mobile Internet is different from PC Internet. but there is one thing in which there is striking similarity in both medium . That is,The sequence  in which new user try out application . Like PC,first and foremost use case of Mobile DATA is Email,then its WAP surfing , Once a user get comfortable with  Email & WAP he graduate to ? Your guess is as good as mine ,Instant Messaging /Chat . Essentially its the need to have an instant and always-on connectivity which shape our choice of apps. while there are reasonably robust client app available for Email ( Gmail ,RIM BB , NMS) and WAP ( Opera, Skyfire ,Webkit) but there is no such universally accepted benchmark application for Instant Messaging. Mundu Instant messenger can fill this gap .Developed by Mumbai based  Geodesic System , Mundu is a paid application . you need to shell out USD $11 for getting one . however you can get a trial version for free by pointing your mobile browser to Its supported for all leading mobile platform S60, JAVA, WM,Palm,RIM OS and iPhone .

Functionality :
Mundu is a nicely designed Mobile IM application which runs on XMPP-Jabber Protocol ,ergo its compatible with all major Instant messengers like YAHOO,GTalk,MSN,AIM,ICQ etc. I installed it on my Nokia E63 and Blackberry . Installation was smooth . I logged in to the application using my G Talk Credential . it shown a list of all my contact . you can segregate contacts by there connectivity status ie you can choose to see only those users which are online at that point of time. if you are logged into multiple IM services than you can also segregate them based on  each service . Other regular IM feature like change in status message ,support for background mode,conference across multiple IM services etc are also available .

You can also share images and other files with your chat buddies.Customize the color and style of chat text with a range of exciting rich text options and also with a range of emoticons. You can customize sounds, pop-up, vibration preferences for all IM alerts. It can send e-mail notifications whenever you receive new mail in your Gmail, MSN, or Yahoo! accounts. It supports some European languages, too, so you don't have to chat exclusively in English.

My Take :

The best thing about Mundu is its Excellent User interface . For such a feature rich application Mundu has got an extremely clean and intuitive UI & work flow .This kind of simplicity is hard to achieve in mobile applications. There are some minor deference in terms of swiftness and experience across various platform but that's more of the problem of underlying OS than application itself. Getting PC like IM experience replicated on resource constrained environment of a mobile phone is a tough task , but Mundu has demonstrated that it can be done with right kind of UI and under the hood optimization . Big Kudos to Geodesic team for this .Do try out Mundu IM . I am sure you will end up buying full version . Trust me its USD $ 11 well spent .


Anonymous said...

have you tried the other products on offer by Geodesic?

shekhar said...

is it better than Nimbuzz, btw nimbuzz is no more offering the phone back up solution!

Prashant Singh said...

@ Anon : Yes I have tried couple of other offering of Geodesic .

Prashant Singh said...

@Shekhar : there is no apple to apple comparison here . Mundu is a focused pure play mobile IM integrator but Nimbuzz is an IM + Soc Nw . integrator . Mundu is a paid application Nimbuzz is free one. there are different yardstick for measuring them .so it won't be a fair comparison.

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