IndiSMS : Send Text Messages in your Native Language

 Fact that masses in India has embraced Mobile phone in a spectacular manner is an old news. We are the fastest growing telecom market in world. Its only  logical to  extrapolate that this huge user base represent a huge untapped potential for content consumption and creation. However this content revolution hasn't really happened in India yet . There are many roadblocks . there are some unresolved issues with device .Things like keypad layout is not optimized for indic language input ,inability to support rendering of Indic language content on majority of devices etc .Most devices today are inherently incapable to render Indic language content on their screens. There are many companies who are trying to crack this market by creating applications which enable Indic content on Mobile phones. IndiSMS from Eterno Infotech is one such application. It allow user to create SMS in Indian languages .

IndiSMS is a mobile application that helps people send & received SMSs in Indian languages. Anyone  can  download the application and can download the application from website (link)  or get it from Ovi store (link) .It is supported for all S60 devices and all major Samsung ,Sony Ericssion and Motorola devices . you can get the list of supported devices here. Its a free application .There are no charges for downloading or using IndiSMS application. only one standard SMS charge to get activation code.App size is of 389KB .I downloaded it on my Nokia E63 . It was a smooth installation with only couple of intermediate steps.after installation you are ready to send and receive  text messages in 9 Indian language. Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil.

IndiSMS uses Transliteration method for accepting input on Mobile phones. this essentially means that you need not to modify the keyboard layout of device or learn new technique of keying in the input. all you need to do is to simply enter phonetic equivalent of word and IndiSMS will display it into your prefered language. Thanks to our habit of sending messages in hinglish, the learning curve for user to master transliteration is very little . Most user can pick it up on the fly. There is no extra price you need to pay for sending SMS using IndiSMS , Each message sent using IndiSMS will cost you the standard charges that you pay your mobile operator for short messages.however because out going message is sent in unicode so there is a restriction on Maximum number of character which can be sent per SMS.It can send only 70 characters in an Indian language message versus 160 characters in English. if you continue typing beyond the limit of 70 characters ,the extra characters will get split into a second message automatically.Since its a Unicode based application ,ergo on recieving end, messages are displayed properly on all those phones which are unicode compliant .

Sometime back I have reviewed another application by Eterno Infortech . Its called NewsHunt.What I like about IndiSMS and other product from Eterno is their approach toward solving the problem of Indic content in India. IndiSMS is a part of suit of Indic language products developed by Eterno.IndiSMS do an excellent job of providing user first glimpse of  Indic Language capability of mobile devices. Thanks to the popularity of SMS in India we couldn't have asked for a better use case. This can be a steeping stone for user to adopt various other usage like reading news , browsing  music catalog in Indic Languages etc . This step by step approach of exposing user to Indic language content can do a wonderful job of seeding user interest in this field . Do try this out yourself and surprise your friends by sending a SMS in your native language .


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