Calcium : Simplifying your Cellphone Calculator

First and foremost use case of Cellphone is still for making voice calls. But if I have to make a guess about which is the most frequently used cellphone feature after voice . I am sure that it will be SMS and Calculator . Part of their appeal is in their ubiquity across devices . Almost every cellphone in market have an SMS  and calculator functionality . While  SMS captures attention of everybody from  handset OEM to Network operators ,calculator is treated like a step child .
There hasn't been much innovation in Calender application . Both in terms of UI and functionality . UI is very cumbersome and not easy to use . As anyone who has tried to use his cellphone calculator  to tally a grocery bill , split bill at a dutch party or need to do a quick currency conversion will testify.Most of the time we use it because there is no other alternate app available to do the same . So I was very happy to discover Calcium  ,a Calculator app by Mtvoid . Its not a Full blown Casio style 100-Function scientific calculator but a strip down ,bare basic , easy to use, 4 function  calculator which can serve requirement of 90% of the users.

Calcium is a nifty app of just 90KB in size . you can download it for free from Mtvoid website . Calcium is supported for S60 devices . I installed it on my Nokia E63  and process was smooth.After just three clicks during installation.I was ready to use the app .The elegance of  UI design in Calcium is outstanding . They have essentially mapped all the operation of calculator to joystick and in doing so removed the need to select on-screen buttons and moved all the operations to the joystick. Left arrow key is mapped to divide ,RIGHT arrow key is mapped to multiplication, UP arrow key is mapped to addition and DOWN arrow key is mapped to  subtraction. Select button in the center of joystick is mapped to equivalence /result ( "=". ) operation. you can use numeric keys of your device for entering data and # key is used for inserting decimal point. Thanks to the onscreen display interface much of this mapping can be intuitively grasped by end user . it took me less than a minute to figure it out.

After initial learning curve you are ready to fly with it . USP of Calcium is that  With calcium,number of key press required to perform a certain calculation is significantly reduced. for example start the standard calculator and do 2/3 x 7. It takes 13 clicks. Using Calcium it only takes 6. Now that's a productivity Value add .

Its refreshing to see innovation in a seemingly dead evolved category of Mobile app .its a testimony that there is always room for improvement. Do give it a shot and let me know how you feel about it.


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