Continuing with the theme of  Mobile Social networking  on Lab Report .Today I am reviewing Rock talk. Rocketalk is a Mobile social networking application developed by Delhi based onetouchstar corporation . Rocketalk combines video, pics, voice and SMS into one clients. This is essentially a one- stop solution for all your communication need . I can see some readers of Lab Report clinching their teeth and saying "Yet another IM integrator " . Well ….Hold your horses guys. I agree with you that its a crowded market place with a dozen or so application who claim to do the same thing .  So why I choose to review Rocketalk today ? Because I believe that there are some interesting aspect of this application , both in terms of design as well as user engagement tactics which holds some valuable lesson for everyone interested in Indian Mobile app space.  

Rocketalk is available for free download at .With 1200KB in file size it was a little difficult  for me to download it over a weak GPRS connection so after two failed attempt , I resorted to downloading the sis file on my PC and  side loading  it on to my Nokia E63 via Bluetooth .Installation was glitch free . With just three screen and couple of entries I was ready to roll .
 Rocketalk offer all the functionalities of regular social network like adding friends, Instant messaging , sharing photos & video, comments on friends activities etc . you can create your own group around any topic .there is an option of showcasing your content in public zone , accessible to every rocketalk user .there is a content mall by name of Fun Zone  where you can download syndicated content provided by  rocketalk partners .  All these functionalities are very nicely implemented and are easy to use.One differentiating factor for  rocketalk is of Voice messaging and adding voice description  to your profile . Voice based communication is deeply integrated with rocketalk . Which is a very good thing because text input on most of the phone is still less then user-friendly. I added a voice introduction to my profile and exchanged few voice messages with users (rocketalkers) my experience was satisfactory. However on some screen there were voice coupled advertisement banner .where ad message starts to playback the moment you load the page. Although it amused me initially but I am not sure how seasoned rock talkers would feel about it ,its very much possible that some of them might find it a little annoying .

Finer Point of Design: 

Experienced Mobile app user will notice that RockTalk’s approach to user interface is different from other applications . While most of the other applications have a menu driven workflow , Rocktalk on the contrary have a Tab driven workflow . it’s a very smart design choice because it allow user  to switch context quickly . just by a single key press you can move from Fun Zone (syndicated content ) to Gallery (User generated content) to IM. This foster higher engagement, page view and of course more ad impression. a win –win thing for all parties .I always maintained that  menu /list driven long vertical pages were a hangover from WAP . Tab based browsing is an elegant solution for App centric paradigm .No wonder cutting edge application  like opera mini are also shifting to  tab browsing.

User Engagement
When it comes to creating user engagement , developing community ,observing user behavior and seeding conversations ,Rocketalk has been a case study for me. They have done  some very interesting campaigns for their advertisers like. Radio Roaketalk is a user generated show where you can find expert advice on topic like stock investment , Music , Car purchase etc . These shows are  created by users them self and quality is good .  currently they are running a love card contest for valentine day .these kind of activities foster a high level of user loyalty .I had a word with Sameer Agarwal from Rocketalk team .He mentioned that they will be coming up with few more such campaigns in days to come .so expect more on this front . May be I will do a separate post on such campaign in India.

With High user engagement , India focus and right distribution partnership, things seems to be going good for them .It will be interesting to see how it shapes in months to come.Do try out Rocketalk and let me know what you think of it .


Anonymous said...

Well said...I've used this application and it is by far one of the most engaging yet easy to use app as compared to some other apps around!!

Cheers to RockeTalk


Anonymous said...

Good review. I use it to chat with my friends in middle east.
Voice quality in Rocketalk is just too good.


Anonymous said...

I heard regarding Rocketalk application. Its really rocking these days in terms of social networking on mobile....really good features and simplicity is amazing.

yoo rocketalk. keep going...

Samrat said...

Amazing share, friend.

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lalit said...

They do indeed seem to be good.
I hope they are able to build brand and enough stickiness before facebooks starts trowing kitchen sink at mobile social networking !

Raj said...

Ease of use and elegant UI. Switchover from one tab to another is really cool.

M.Usman said...

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