Mera Mobi : Life Ka Remote Control

Most of the use case of mobile web revolve around the idea of providing actionable information. The information which help us to decide and Act . information which is often answer to the basic question like WHO ? What? Where ? Why and How ? .Two of the hottest start up in silicon valley Loopt and Twitter has their genesis in a simple insight that most frequently asked question on mobile phone is Where are you ? and What are you doing? .Most of the business in mobile web originate from  a simple insight like these.These are just two of many actionable information which can be consumed over mobile phone. Information like Which movie is being showed in neighborhood multiplex ? Which are the cool gigs  this weekend ? Whats the stock price right now ? is there a  car service station nearby ? how can i pay my utility bill? etc . Mera Mobi from India Interactive Technology is a product which is trying to fill that niche by aggregating such information and presenting it to end user in an actionable form . 

Functionality :

Mera Mobi is available for free download from . All you need to do is to enter your cell number and you get a download link via SMS. Outside of iPhone, MeraMobi app is supported for most of the mobile devices available in Indian market. You can look for your device here  .I tried it on my Nokia E63, Sony Ericsson W200i and Nokia N77.  with installation file size is of 269 KB it downloaded easily over GPRS connection.Installation went smoothly. 
Functionalities of Mera Mobi are grouped under  broad categories like  Transaction ,Information ,Entertainment etc.  They keep appending new sections to the list  from time to time .Mera Mobi's strategy is not to create content them self .Content in most of the  categories is  syndicated from other sources.News and Movie review  section is syndicated from DNA .Yellow Pages are powered by  Infomedia18 . Job search is powered by . Movie Booking is facilitated by Bookmyshow,Astrology is powered by Ganeshaspeaks,  Bill payment is powered by billdesk.I tried these services and results were satisfactory.

In transaction category I tried to reserve tickets for late night show of  "My Name is khan" in Noida . It was a 
long process spread across 10 screen . you can even choose your seat using the visual representation of seating arrangement . As a power user I was little frustrated by too many screens but on the hindsight its a seemingly good design choice because MeraMobi is primarily targeting those user who are not very familiar with Internet so their work flow has to be fail safe. 

I also checked the work flow  for paying bills such as electricity bill, telephone bill, mobile bill and broadband bill along with charity to Siddhi Vinayak Temple.MeraMobi does not charge anything additional over and above the actual cost of any transaction service. Payment for transaction services can be done through Visa and Master credit cards. security of transaction data is ensured by using HTTPS . To avoid misuse of credit card info in case of theft and missing phone, application don't store credit card detail on device by default and every transaction is protected by a unique PIN. 

Design :
Most of the products reviewed on Lab Report till now were feature products . which do one thing only and do it well .These product cover their niche in depth (functionality ) and breadth ( variety of source ) . Mera mobi is in contrast of them . this is more like a Swiss army knife approach . where a lot of commonly used features are bundled under a single app and provided to an audience stretched  across demography .  Its very likely that most of the user of Mera Mobi will be using only a fraction of available functionalities. this presents very unique design challenge . You can't make any assumption  about user.Your work flow should be intuitive and  fail safe .Memory foot print should be small enough to run on legacy phones and architecture should be such that you can add new categories and services later on by a simple upgrade . 

Real challenge of a mass market product is to achieve all this functionality without compromising on simplicity and easy of use . On that yard stick MeraMobi has done a decent job .Moving forward  I would love to see things like indic language support and integration with operator billing . this I believe will greatly enhance the value proposition of Mera Mobi. Do give it a shot and share your experience with us . 


Anonymous said...

Meramobi dont work on the most of the handset. it doesnt support micromax,spice or karboon mobile. This are the fastest growing companies in india.

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