What are the Essential Apps for your cell phone ?

As a mobile enthusiast  one  questions I  often face is  "Which application I should install on my cell phone? ", "Suggest me some good apps ." ,"what should I do with my cell phone in addition to calling ?" etc. Surprisingly I got these questions from people who are relatively tech savvy and Who have decent exposure to Internet. If these people are struggling to find a use for their mobile beyond voice than we as an industry have yet to reach them .

Thanks to my job I have  used a lot of  mobile application. I feel qualified to say that there is an application for EVERY conceivable user need. But the big question for  indian mobile phone user is :where to start with mobile apps ? and the big question for Indian Mobile app Industry is : What are the Common minimum requirements of Majority of Indian Mobile phone users? Some obvious candidates are things like photo sharing, email, IM, gaming, job search, travel, stock etc. But How well these requirements are being served?  

In the days to come I will be reviewing some apps from each of these categories. I will be evaluating them on features, functionality and ease of use.Do let me know if you agree with my analysis. and if you know of any app which fits the description please let me know . I would love to have a look. 


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