oc2ps: Bring Your Online and Mobile Social Life Together

As a heavy user of Social networking websites (I am a facebook addict) I find myself qualified to predict two things
1) Mobile Phone is the next battle ground for all the popular social network.
2) User experience on most of the leading social network is not comparable to their PC counterpart.
One of the reasons why most of the social networks fail to deliver on mobile is because they are not designed with Mobile phone in mind. Mobile is not in their DNA. For a truly mobile friendly social network everything from Workflow to UI to experience should be optimized for cell phone. Very few social networks can claim that . oc2ps is one of them.

oc2ps is a mobile social network from One97. From the very design of it you can tell that it’s conceived with mobile as primary channel of usage. from mobile friendly signup to  phone book backup and from location tagging of content to suggesting third party mobile application. oc2ps covers every possible scenario where mobile phone can be integrated to your social network . It’s a refreshing take on Mobile centric approach to social network. 


oc2ps is open to everyone for signup. All you need to do is to point your mobile browser to www.oc2ps.com and you can sign up in a jiffy. I tested it using  opera mobile 10 beta browser on my Nokia E63 and Native browser of Samsung i8910HD. signup was a smooth, 3 step process. You can register using your cell number or email id as unique identifier.  oc2ps sends an activation link to you via email. On activation you can update your profile with details like Name, location and profile picture etc. I tried these steps both   on GPRS (IDEA /Airtel) and Wi-Fi and it went just fine  without a single glitch or inconvenience.

oc2ps has exploited the viral nature of cell phone beautifully . You can invite your friends to oc2ps using three channels, phonebook, facebook, twitter. 

To invite your phonebook contact on oc2ps you need to upload your phonebook contact to their server. On clicking "upload contact" link you receive an SMS with sync setting and you need to save it and than you can simply sync your contact with oc2ps server.A close examination of sync setting reveal that they are using funambol server in backend for syncing phone book on server . Right now they don't allow to sync calendar and SMS but I believe that functionality can be added later. I personally like funambol very much. It’s an industry standard for SyncML server. 

This phone book backup functionality is great values add for end customer as they don't have to use a separate service to backup their cellphone data and they can use that data in their social network too.These integrated approaches to virility in oc2ps make it a unique one stop social networking solution for Indian customer.

Every user activity in oc2ps is referred as a "beam" and you can tag every beam with location information. Tagging every beam with a Location is a smart and somewhat futuristic move on part of oc2ps team. It allow user to tap the social activity in their geographical proximity. Although I wasn't able to figurout a way to search for location specific beams in current version of oc2ps but I am sure they will introduce it in subsequent upgrade. With LBS becoming hot topic in mobile industry it’s only a matter of time when you begin to expect it from every social network .that’s when this will come as an advantage to oc2ps.

You can also attach any media like photo,video,mp3 with your beam .I tried uploading pictures from my cellphone memory and data card and it worked very smoothly. Even on a relatively slow GPRS connection image upload was swift and thumbnail was clear. I uploaded a 9 sec video to oc2ps and it took close to 15 sec on Wi-Fi and 30 sec on GPRS. This is a good benchmark given that I was using it on peak hours of GPRS consumption.  

Another cool feature of oc2ps is that  it suggest application for your phone. You need to go to Apps tab on oc2ps and browse the app catalogue. As of now they are offering app from getjar but I am sure this channel can be used as an app distribution channel for Indian mobile user. Thanks to virility of social network apps on oc2ps can benefit from word of mouth beam.  I downloaded couple of application from their list.They were good .

My Take:
As a mobile centric social network Oc2ps is uniquely positioned to bring social connectivity to majority of Indian consumer who don't have access to PC. oc2ps also offer a monetization platform for mobile content creator and aggregator. Monetization possibility of oc2ps is more important as they plan to go with operators for getting distribution.with right price point and distribution oc2ps can fill a long standing vacuum in Indian mobile ecosystem. All in all I liked the whole experience of using oc2ps.

Do give it a shot and let me know how you feel about it ?  


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