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Its been close to 3 weeks since I joined Team Spice Labs. I spent much of my time since in understanding the product line,discussing strategic road map, making friends with the team and figuring out shortest path to pantry ( We have got free food here) .During our long caffeine fueled discussions, if there was one thing on which each one of us agreed unanimously ( this doesn't happen often here) was the fact  that there is no single place in Indian blogosphere covering mobile applications .where you can go to read everything about Indian mobile application world. Pulse of Indian Mobile app industry was not being monitored.

So we decided to fill the gap . since I was the guy with no social life blogger in the team I was entrusted with the responsibility of doing so . Result is Lab Report .

We will be updating this space with our thought on industry ,reviews of mobile applications, links to good article published elsewhere , Best practices on product management for Mobile apps among many other things. We as  a country love mobility .We are the fastest growing telecom market in world .With the  trends like falling handset price ,cheap data rate on 3G networks ,increasing acceptance of mobile application amongst end users (thanks to app store ) We are confident that there will be a lot of action in days to come . We will keep you posted . Stay tuned .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Prashant. Wonderful initiative. Hope to gain much and contribute something to your efforts.

Asmita :-)

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